by dex1t


Sparrow Bot

a Slack Bot to interact with Twitter for Customer Success 🤖
a.k.a micro Twitter client on Slack.


  • Egosearch
  • Like/Unlike
  • Retweet/Unretweet
  • Reply via Slack Thread

Set up


  1. Create Slack application for bot user. Then enable the interactive messages feature and bot feature.
  2. Install Slack application to your Slack team.
  3. Create Twitter application to interact with your Twitter account.
  4. Deploy Sparrowbot to Heroku, then set Slack and Twitter Token to Heroku config variables.
  5. Set to redirect url on your Slack App oauth setting.
  6. Set to request url on your Slack App interactive message setting.
  7. Authorize your account on .



Set Slack and Twitter tokens to .env, and load it by direnv.

$ cp .env.example .env
$ vim .env # set your tokens


Slack requires callback url with https to use the interactive message buttons. Use (or ngrock) on development.

$ lt -p 8080 -s sparrowbot-dev
$ nf start