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MEGA Web Client

MEGA provides robust cloud storage with convenient and powerful always-on privacy. MEGA believes in your right to privacy and provides you with the technology tools to protect it. We call it User Controlled Encryption (UCE), and it happens automatically.

Secure Boot

secureboot.js loads all the resources from static content servers and verifies its authenticity by checking the cryptographic hash.

Note: This is not the exact same secureboot.js as we have online at``secureboot.js``. We have an automatic process that generates secureboot.js with its cryptographic hashes and all the versioned resource files (file_X.js/file_X.html) as needed based on this repository before prior to updating the live site.

During development it's essential that your set the following localStorage parameters:

// Path of your local development host.
localStorage.staticpath = 'http://localhost/mega/';
// Disables the cryptographic hash verification logic.
localStorage.dd = 1;

There are also various other localStorage parameters that are useful during development:

// Enables vanilla console logging.
localStorage.d = 1;
// Enables full console logging via MegaLogger.
localStorage.minLogLevel = 0;
// Allows you to disable the context menu in the FM for element inspection.
localStorage.contextmenu = 1;


  • js/ -- contains all generic JavaScript files
  • html/ -- contains all generic HTML files
  • js/html/ contains all JavaScript files that belong to the specific HTML file of the parent folder
  • js/vendor/ -- contains all JavaScript files from external developers

Our JavaScript Files

  • secureboot.js -- loads all the resources from static content servers and verifies its authenticity by checking the cryptographic hash
  • decrypter.js -- the decrypter which is used as a web worker to decrypt data while downloading
  • encrypter.js -- the encrypter which is used as a web worker to encrypt data while uploading
  • js/avatar.js -- is used for avatar selection, cropping & scaling (all on the client side in the canvas)
  • js/cleartemp.js -- contains clearIt() which is used to purge temp data from the FileSystem API (Chrome only)
  • js/countries.js -- contains all the country names (we should translate these at some point)
  • js/crypto.js -- contains all the cryptographic functions & API handlers
  • js/download.js -- contains all the download logic
  • js/filedrag.js -- event handlers for the upload buttons, file&folder-drag&drop event handling for upload init.
  • js/filetypes.js -- contains all the supported file types based on the file extension to match icons
  • js/fm.js -- file manager core file, contains mainly file manager UI & dialog UI logic
  • js/functions.js -- contains some generic functions that are used throughout the site
  • js/keygen.js -- for cryptographic public/private key pair creation
  • js/mDB.js -- providers the local database abstraction layer for caching of meta-data in IndexedDB
  • js/mega.js -- MegaData class which does most of the data handling (but also some FM UI interaction)
  • js/mouse.js -- captures mouse events for entropy collection
  • js/notify.js -- contains the notifications logic
  • js/thumbnail.js -- client side canvas based thumbnail creation (because thumbnails are encrypted, too)
  • js/upload.js -- contains all the upload logic
  • js/account.js -- contains the user creation & login logic
  • js/zip.js -- JavaScript implementation to create ZIP archives of multiple files on the client side

Vendor JavaScript Files

  • aesasm.js -- general-purpose cryptographic library
  • rsaasm.js -- general-purpose cryptographic library
  • sjcl.js -- Stanford Javascript Crypto Library. This is a modified version with some minor changes, see c211e4ce and de5c3dce

See js/vendor/ for more.


Install command:

npm install

Run command:

npm install --only=production

Deploy to Heroku