by djr-taureau1


Bloc Jams AngularJS Starter


This repository serves as a starter project for Bloc's AngularJS-driven music player app.

To get started, fork this repository. Forking a repository makes a copy and adds it to your own GitHub account. This is an important step, because the your work will need be on your Github account and not Bloc's.

Rename your forked repository to bloc-jams-angularjs in Github (available under the Settings tab of your repository).

Open your terminal, cd into your ~/bloc directory, and clone your repository.

$ cd ~/bloc
$ git clone{username}/bloc-jams-angularjs.git

Make sure to replace {username} with your GitHub username.

  1. Change into the directory: $ cd bloc-jams-angularjs.
  2. Run $ npm install to download/install the needed dependencies
  3. Start the node server: npm start.
  4. Open a web browser, go to http://localhost:3000, and verify that you see the Bloc Jams landing page.

You can press ctrl + c at any time to stop the server.

You'll want to keep the server running whenever you're working on your project.