Slack Avalon Bot

by docsend


Slack Avalon Bot

This bot allows you to host Avalon games on Slack!

Getting Started

  1. Create a new bot integration
  2. Follow the steps to deploy the bot to Heroku or run it locally
  3. The bot will display a welcome message and instructions to use it when invited to a channel

One-Click Deploy to Heroku

Click this button:


Manual Deploy to Heroku

  1. Install Heroku toolbelt
  2. Create a new bot integration (as above)
  3. heroku create
  4. heroku config:set SLACK_AVALON_BOT_TOKEN=[Your API token]
  5. git push heroku master

To Run Locally

  1. Create a token.txt file and paste your API token there
  2. npm install
  3. node src/main.js


To run tests, simply do:

  1. gulp