by doubleShot666

GitHub Readme.md


Use this application to deploy Jupyter Notebook to heroku or CloudFoundry. If a postres database is available, pgcontents is used as notebook storage.

Quick start

Jupyter will not start, if the environment variable JUPYTER_NOTEBOOK_PASSWORD was not set.

If you want to customize your app, easiest is to fork this repository.

Installation instructions

heroku - automatic deployment


If you forked this repository, you can link it to your heroku app afterwards.

heroku - manual deployment

Push this repository to your app or fork this repository on github and link your repository to your heroku app.

Use the heroku-buildpack-conda:

$ heroku buildpacks:set https://github.com/p-a-c-o/heroku-buildpack-conda.git -a <your_app>

To protect your notebooks a random password is used until you set the environment variable JUPYTER_NOTEBOOK_PASSWORD:

$ heroku config:set JUPYTER_NOTEBOOK_PASSWORD=<your_passwd> -a <your_app>


  • Clone this repository
  • Create a postgres database with name jupyter-db
  • Deploy using cf push