by dougs-compta



Expose Heroku metrics as a dataset in Geckoboard 📈


Our online accounting SAAS app runs on Heroku. While Heroku natively provides interesting monitoring metrics, there is no off the shelf solution to display them in a Geckoboard dashboard, so we made it.


  1. Deploy Geckometrics somewhere (for instance on an Heroku free hobby dyno):


  1. Redirect the log drain of the app you want to monitor to your geckometrics instance, for example:
heroku drains:add -a YOUR_APP
  1. Set up some custom geckoboard widgets using the heroku.metrics dataset.

If anyone is interested, we can provide a bit more guidance on how to set up this (open an issue here or ping us on twitter @dougscompta).

Our lovely realtime Heroku monitoring: Image of our dashboard