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Drop Project - Continuous Auto-Grader

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A web application where students drop their projects to check for correctness and quality.

Several checks are performed on each project:

  • Does it have the right folder structure and all the mandatory files?
  • Does it compile?
  • Does it pass its own tests?
  • Does it achieve a minimum coverage with its own tests?
  • Does it pass the teacher tests?
  • Does it conform to the coding guidelines defined by the teacher?
  • Does it perform well? (tests with large datasets are measured)


  • Java 8 JDK (a compiler is needed)
  • Maven
  • Servlet Engine (Tested with tomcat and jetty)
  • MySQL

Current limitations

  • Only works for Java 8 / Kotlin non-maven projects

How does it work?

Most of the work is done by a Maven Invoker, running several goals on the project. The results are collected into a report that is viewable by the student and the teacher.

Projects must not be maven projects because they are "mavenized" by the server, after uploading. By "mavenizing", I mean copying the files into a proper Maven folder structure (e.g. putting the sources into /src/main/java), mixing the student files with the teacher unit tests and adding a pom.xml (also provided by the teacher).

Since checking a project may take some time, it is done asynchronously - the student submits the file and must come back later to check the report.

How DP works

Quick start

After cloning the repository, change src/main/resources/drop-project.properties:


And run the embedded jetty runner:

mvn jetty:run

The application should now be accessible on http://localhost:8080