Facebook Messenger Echo Bot

by dvidsilva

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Facebook Messenger Echo Bot

Facebook Launched Messenger API in F8 Conference. This opens up gate for many who want to build bots for Facebook Messenger.

This is a simple echo bot built using the APIs.


  • Setup a Nodejs client running on HTTPS. Refer to awesome Digital Ocean resource for same here
  • Facebook does not play nice with self signed certificates. Buy one from a provider else you can generate one for free from LetsEncrypt. Refer to this guide for same.
  • Follow steps mentioned at Facebook Messenger API docs to create an app and a page required.
  • Generate page access token
  • Use token generated in previous step to make a cURL call and subscribe app to page.
  • Fill relevant details in conf.js file.
  • Start node server and complete the Webhook setup process.
  • You are ready to go, bot should respond back with exact string sent.

Forked from sgaurav/fb-messenger-echo-bot

Quicker setup

Fork this repo, make changes, and deploy to heroku for a cheaper, quicker setup.