Public Domain Icons

by ecarreras


The Noun Project Public Domain Icons

Search for public domain licensed icons on The Noun Project.

Quick Setup

bash <(curl -s "")

Either Homebrew or Pip must be installed.



  1. Register for The Noun Project API access by creating a new app

  2. Download and unzip the repository, and install dependencies using pip install -r requirements.txt

  3. Copy app.config.example to app.config, and populate the OAuth Key and OAuth Secret with your The Noun Project app keys

  4. Launch the application with python and browse to http://localhost:5000


If you want a quick way to run pdicons, you can create a Docker image and run it in ephemeral mode (--rm):

docker build -t pdicons .

docker run -p 8888:5000 --rm -e TNP_OAUTH_KEY=<OAUTH_KEY> -e TNP_OAUTH_SECRET=<OAUTH_SECRET> --name pdicons pdicons

Then open your browser at http://localhost:8888