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by edenb


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Live Map

A simple Node.js server that ingests location updates and shows markers on all attached web clients. MQTT and HTTP POST (web hook) are supported to input new locations. Originally developed to monitor devices with the Geofancy app installed (now: Locative). Tested with Heroku and on a local NodeJS setup.


  • Instant marker updates using WebSockets
  • Multi web client
  • Multi user with authentication
  • Mobile first GUI design
  • Server side storage with PostgreSQL

Getting started

The easiest way to get started is to deploy the application on Heroku. Use the Deploy to Heroku button and follow instructions to create an account. On Heroku press the Deploy for Free button at the bottom and your server is up and running!

On a local NodeJS setup you first need to install some packages.

  • Download and install the newest Node.js 10.x version from Node.js
  • Download and install the newest PostgreSQL 9.6.x
  • Copy or clone the latest Live Map from GitHub into a project directory of your choice
  • In the project directory run npm install
  • In PostgeSQL create a new database user and a database
  • Add the database settings to config/production.json
  • Start with npm start

How to use

Login with username 'admin' and any password the first time. Don't forget to change the admin password right away.


To Do

  • Show tail of previous locations on selected marker