by elfenars


Ruby Discord Bot

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You can take this as a skelleton for future discord bots made in Ruby.

Discordrb is currently very powerful, but doesn't provide with basic structure and tools to do efficient deployments to either Heroku or other cloud services.

It doesn't provide tools for easy development of bots either, so the point here is to try to minimize that hassle and just clone this repo and start coding your bot commands.

This repo contains Discordrb and Sinatra. Sinatra is not completely necessary, but if you want to deploy to Heroku (or some other cloud service that requires you to bind to a port), you'll need it. It's also a nice option in case you wanna interact with your bot from outside discord through webhooks.



  • Rename/duplicate the .env.example to .env and add all your keys there.


    $ rackup

If you want to run this without the web overhead:

  NOWEB=true rackup

Or without the bot itself:

  NOBOT=true rackup


  1. Fork it
  2. Change it
  3. Push it
  4. Create the PR
  5. Ping me :D