Titanic Flask ML Model

by elizabethts

GitHub Readme.md

Deploy ML model with Flask to Heroku

Click the button below to quickly clone and deploy into your own Heroku acount. If you don't have one it'll prompt you to setup a free one.


Once deployed to your Heroku instance run the following:

curl -s -XPOST 'https://<name-of-your-heroku-app>.herokuapp.com/' -d '{"Pclass":3,"Age":2,"SibSp":1,"Fare":50}' -H 'accept-content: application/json'

Alternatively a simple python script:

import requests
import json
url = 'https://<name-of-your-heroku-app>.herokuapp.com/'
data = {"Pclass":3, "Age":2, "SibSp":1, "Fare":50}
response = requests.post(url, json.dumps(data))


You can read the full article that was published on Towards Data Science


Thank you to Josh Peak who added the button for heroku deployment