Hackathon Manager

by emily-yu

GitHub Readme.md


Procurator is a web application meant to assist event organizers while organizing a hackathon, or any other event. It does so by providing a clear representation of all the necessary tasks, in order of date, that the organizing team needs.


Clone the repository and run the application generation scripts.

git clone https://github.com/emily-yu/hackathon-manager.git
cd hackathon-manager
rm -rf application
cd init
sh generate.sh

Make sure you have a Heroku account and deploy your own app using the following button or run the heroku.sh script in the init folder by sh heroku.sh.


Open global.js and replace the variable ngrok with your Heroku app name, which can be found when you run the generate script.

var ngrok = <YOUR-HEROKU-APP-URL>


Run the installation instructions, then open index.html.