Example Rust application

by emk

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Example application: Rust, Rocket & Heroku

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Rust is a language suitable for high-peformance, reliable web services. Rocket is a rich, user-friendly web framework. Heroku deploys, manages and scales web applications.

To deploy this application to Heroku, use this button:


Or, if you'd prefer to use the command line, try running:

git clone https://github.com/emk/rust-buildpack-example-rocket.git
cd rust-buildpack-example-rocket

# Install a known-good nightly build.
rustup install nightly-2018-12-08
rustup override set nightly-2018-12-08

heroku create --buildpack emk/rust
git push heroku master

This should make a local copy of this application and deploy it to Heroku.

For further instructions, see the page for this buildpack.

Rocket and nightly Rust

This application works with a specific version of nightly Rust, specified in ./rust-toolchain. The Rocket framework currently requires some nightly-only features, although this is expected to change in the future Rocket 0.5.x series.