Vault Server

by eshishkin


Heroku Vault Starter


This is a simple starter script that runs Hashicorp Vault on Heroku server. The code is based on this repository with a couple of features.

The script downloads Vault, installs it and configures Postgres DB to work with Vault.

Since Vault by default is in sealed state, it is not possible to extract data from it. The script tries to solve such problem. If VAULT_UNSEAL_KEY enviromental variable is set, the script will try to unseal Vault at startup.

Warning: This approach is fine for pet projects, but is not production ready solution. Vault itself provides feature for auto unsealing, and it is based on cloud KMS. See for more details

How to use it

  • Use this link or a button above to install Vault on Heroku server (it uses free plan by default)
  • When Vault is installed open your vault client and perform the following commands
    vault operator init -key-shares=1 -key-threshold=1
  • Save root token and unseal key somewhere
  • If you need autounsealing feature, set VAULT_UNSEAL_KEY variable in Heroku console