by evawyf




An automated script to get the daily reward in 1point3auto (一亩三分地), utilizing pytesseract to crack the captcha, deployed on Heroku


Step1: create your Heroku app

Click the Deploy to Heroku Button below, this will take you to a website that helps you set up an Heroku app, (you need to create an account first if you don't have one)


Step2: set up variables

Input the USERNAME and PASSWORD values with your 1point3acres username and password.

Step3: deploy and build

Hit Deploy App and wait until the build is finished. Click Manage App redirects to the main page.

Step4: set up schedules

  • Click Resources > Heroku Scheduler > Create Job
  • Choose Every day at ... with anytime you like
  • Copy and paste python in the command input below
  • Save job

All set

Now your Heroku app will follow the schedule you just set and execute the script that gets all daily reward!

Manually run the script(optional)

First way: using Heroku console

  1. Go to your Heroku app page. (Can be accessed if you log in to your Heroku account).
  2. At top right of the page, click More > Run console.
  3. Now you should have console opened, input bash and click Run.
  4. Wait until the console logged, then run the command python

Second way: run the Heroku app locally

NOTE: Before using any command, make sure you have installed and login to Heroku, the instruction can be found in install Heroku CLI

Heroku login
Heroku run main --app <YOUR_APP_NAME>


The code is forked from this project, which automated the process of login to 1point3acres and gets the daily reward. One thing to point out is that it uses pytesseract for authentication code recognition, which makes it fully automated.

I followed this project's idea and instructions to deploy the script to Heroku, which simplified the deployment to almost one click.