Ex Libris-Touchnet Connector

by ExLibrisGroup

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Ex Libris Touchnet Connector

This connector enables libraries from universities that use Touchnet payment services to accept payment of fines and fees. The university can set up a link to the connector in the discovery system. When the patron clicks on the "Pay Fines" link, the conenctor will set up the payment and direct the patron to Touchnet to pay. Successfully completed payments are posted to the patron's account in Alma.


This connector performs the following tasks:

  • Set up the payment in Touchnet and redirect to the Touchnet site for payment
  • Receive the response from Touchnet and post the payment to Alma
  • Redirect the user back to Primo

EXL Touchnet Connector Flow

No PCI information is handled by the connector. All of the payment information is entered only in the Touchnet site.

Configuring the Connector

In order to use the connector, you need to coordinate with Touchnet customer service. They will provide the following two pieces of information:

  • uPay Site ID, stored in the UPAY_SITE_ID environment variable
  • uPay Site URL, stored in the UPAY_SITE_URL environment variable

The production Touchnet Web Service URL is hardcoded in the service. If you wish to test against a different WS URL, you can set the TOUCHNET_WS_URL environment variable.

In addition, you'll need an API key for Alma. Instructions for obtaining an API key are available at the Ex Libris Developer Network. The API key should include read/write permissions for "users". The API key is stored in the ALMA_APIKEY environment variable.

Deploying to Heroku

One easy way to deploy the connector is to use the Heroku platform. Heroku has free plans (which could be appropriate depending on the level of usage) or very reasonable "hobby" plans. To deploy to Heroku, gather the parameters specified above and then click on the link below to sign up and deploy the connector. At the end of the process, Heroku will provide the URL for your connector. Use it to configure Primo in the following section.


Deploying to AWS

Another option for deploying the connector is to use Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS has starter and free tiers which make hosting the connector nearly free. To deploy to AWS, log into your account (or create a new one). Then follow the instructions below.

  1. Click on this link to open the AWS console.
  2. Fill in the specified parameters and check off the boxes in the Capabilities and transforms section and then click the Create stack button
  3. AWS will create the necessary components. When it's complete, the stack will be in the CREATE_COMPLETE state. Click the Outputs tab to view the URL for the connector. You will use the URL to configure Primo in the following section.

Configuration in Primo

To add the "Pay Fines" link to Primo, follow the instructions in this online help entry. Be sure to include a ? at the end of the URL. For example, if your Heroku URL is https://exl-touchnet-connector-myuni.herokuapps.com, configure the following in Primo: https://exl-touchnet-connector-myuni.herokuapps.com/touchnet?.