PayPal Sandbox Dashboard

by Fairbanks-io


PayPal Sandbox Dashboard


Test various features of the PayPal Sandbox using React.js and PayPal's REST SDK.



  • It's Open Source!
  • Based on Material UI and React.js
  • Testing of Sale Payments and Billing Agreements
  • PayPal-IPN-Listener built-in
  • IPN Based Transaction Reports
  • In-App Help & FAQs


  • A running instance of MongoDB with associated user details
  • Node version 8 or higher
  • yarn or npm (hopefully yarn)
  • A domain with SSL

PayPal Sandbox Setup Instructions

  • Create a Sandbox Merchant account and add verified funding sources and pre-fill the account with test money.

  • Once created, login into using your business account and be sure to set the IPN handler to point to this application!

  • While creating accounts, also setup a Sandbox Payer account and be sure to add a verified funding source and pre-fill the account with test money.

  • Create a new REST API application and tie it to the previously created Sandbox merchant account. Take note of your Sandbox ClientID and Secret. (Live is supported by this app, but make note that if Live credentials are used, real money will be moved!)

Deploy application

  • Choose one of the 3 below deployment methods

  • Optional: The app can be ran on an alternate port by passing PORT=3001 along with the startup command above.

Local Deployment with existing MongoDB
  • Download this app's source code from Github. Extract to the folder of your choice and run yarn install to download dependencies.

  • Launch the app using MONGO_URI='mongodb://' REACT_APP_HOST='' yarn start

Docker image deployment with existing MongoDB
  • docker run -it -p 3090:3000 -e REACT_APP_HOST='' -e MONGO_URI='mongodb://' --name PayPal-Sandbox-Dashboard Fairbanks-io/PayPal-Sandbox-Dashboard
Docker-compose deployment (includes blank MongoDB instance)
  • git clone .

  • export PORT=3090; docker-compose up

Using the application

  • Provide the previously generated merchant ClientID and Secret on the Getting Started page. These details are not saved on the server at any point, but stored within the browser and securely transmitted between you and PayPal.

  • Finally, go test some payments!

Helpful Links

Creating PayPal REST API Credentials Payments API Docs PayPal IPN Simulator PayPal Developer FAQs

Bugs and Feature Requests

For Help with Sandbox Dashboard Bugs and Feature Requests: Open a GitHub Issue

For Help with PayPal Sandbox Setup and SDK Bugs: Contact PayPal Technical Support