by Fazelesswhite



A dead simple WebRTC based video conferencing utility.

Why openMeet?

Since companies like MeetSpace are too expensive for small offices and such and also since softwares like Jitsi is just too hard to set up. OpenMeet can literally be up and running in a minute.

How to get it up and running

  1. Deploy on heroku
  2. Deploy on your own server

Method 1, Deploying on Heroku :-


Method 2, Deploying on your own server :-

  • Clone the repo using git clone
  • npm install
  • You need to use SSL for it to work since nowadays browsers are insisting on SSL for WebRTC, do this by changing the line 21 of server.js file, from .file({ file: 'settings.json' }); to .file({ file: 'settings.ssl.json' });
  • To start the server node server.js
  • Visit https://IP:1818/ to view the main application or https://IP:1818/admin for admin page for which the default credentials are hayzam.rb:minimumviablepassword

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MIT License