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Express Starter

This repository is a boilerplate to my projects that use Express and Sequelize.

This boilerplate was created using the express-example boilerplate from sequelize.

To deploy this project to heroku, modify the app.json file that the root of this project, and press this button.


Starting App

Rename config/config.example.js to config/config.js and adjust the it to fit your environment. Once thats done, your database configuration is ready!

Run the following commands:

npm install
node_modules/.bin/sequelize db:create
node_modules/.bin/sequelize db:migrate
npm start

This will start the application and create an database and run it's migrations. Just open http://localhost:3000.


There is some Mocha based test. You can run them by npm test


Eslint rules extends eslint-config-airbnb-base and eslint-config-prettier.

Travis CI and Heroku

To add a deploy key to .travis.yml run: travis encrypt heroku auth:token --add deploy.api_key Obs: Make sure that you are logged at the travis cli and heroku cli.