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Welcome to discord-telegram-bridge 👋

Version Documentation Maintenance License: GPL--3.0--or--later

A simple, small and fast discord to telegram bridge written in node.js


npm install -g discord-telegram-bridge


  • Create a Discord bot.
  • Create a Telegram bot by talking to botFather
  • Create a Discord webhook. You can do this by going to Server settings -> Webhooks. Copy the URL, you'll need it later.

If you want to run it on heroku, you can just click the button below.


  • Set env variables:
Env variable type value TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN string You can get this by speaking with @BotFather on telegram and creating a new bot. DISCORD_TOKEN string The bot token for your Discord application. Create a new app at the Discord Developer Portal , go to the bot section, click on Create a bot and copy the bot token it gives to you. TELEGRAM_CHAT_ID string The ChatId of the telegram group you want to bridge. DISCORD_CHANNEL_ID string The Discord ChannelId of the channel you want to bridge. webhook_id and webhook_token string Those are part of the webhook URL you copied. webhook_id is a 18 characters long int, webhook_token is a ~70 chars long randomly generated string. Those are seperated by slashes in the url.


👤 Daniel Vanko

🤝 Contributing

Wondering what to contribute? The project has a codacy page at https://app.codacy.com/manual/daaniiieel/discord-telegram-bridge/dashboard. On the issues tab, you can see all the code quality (mostly code style) issues we have.

Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome!

Feel free to check issues page.

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📝 License

Copyright © 2020 Daniel Vanko.

This project is GPL--3.0--or--later licensed.