by flexd




This is a slackin clone written in Go because... Node.js bloat and Go is much nicer :-)

Install or update with go get -u Run slackinviter with -h for help, it just takes recaptcha secret + sitekey + slack api token as parameter, and listenAddr.

See to understand why I decided to rewrite Slackin in Go.

What does it look like?

Visit to see the real thing, or look at this

screenshot of slackinviter


  • A username and email field.
  • Recaptha, meaning that you can verify your people signing up. This means no bot spam.
  • Picture of Slack chat logo.
  • Free hosting using Heroku.
  • Easy to set up, and quick and easy to use!


  • SLACKINVITER_DEBUG=1 to turn on debug logs for the slack api