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The source of the official flip Server.


What does this do?

flip is a video sharing app, sort of like Vine, but a lot faster paced (it's quicker to create + publish a video). This server handles requests.

How do I build this on my computer?

  1. Run the following commands: git clone https://github.com/flipwtf/server.git && cd server && npm install
  2. Run node app.js and voila!

Do I need anything else for this to work?

Probably not, but you may need a copy of the flip iOS App, see https://github.com/flipwtf/app. change the URL in flip/Content\ Classes/Manager\ Classes/FLPrivilegeManager.swift under the following variables:

var BASE_URL: String = "https://flip.wtf" // home page
var BASE_API_URL: String = "https://api.flip.wtf/v4/" // api url
var BASE_SOCKET_URL: String = "https://api.flip.wtf/" // socket io url