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WhatsApp User Bot

This is a Userbot based on WhatsAsena written by Yusuf Usta

What is WhatsAsena?

WhatsAsena, is a WhatsApp bot written by Yusuf Usta. Does not log into your account It is written on WhatsApp Web API.


  1. Click SCAN and scan QR through Whatsapp Linked Devices Option in Your whatsapp App.
  2. You will get a long text that needs after 4th step (ASENA_SESSION).
  3. If You don't have a account in Heroku, Create a account.
  4. Click FORK
  5. Now copy this url and change lyfe00011 with your github username and click GO


Active Group commands ✔️ Kick ✔️ Tag ✔️ Add ✔️ Warn ✔️ Vote ✔️ Invite ✔️ Revoke ✔️ Demote ✔️ Promote ✔️ Banbye ✔️ Goodbye ✔️ Welcome ✔️ Schedule ✔️ Auto-mute ✔️ Mute/Unmute ✔️ Common/Diff Active Dowloader commands ✔️ Saavn ✔️ Upload ✔️ Yta/Ytv ✔️ Unsplash ✔️ Mediafire ✔️ Pinterest ✔️ SoundCloud ✔️ TikTok video ✔️ Twitter video ✔️ Facebook video ✔️ Instagram story ✔️ YouTube audio/video ✔️ Instagram video/image Active Misc Commands Usage ✔️ Qr Reads QR code ✔️ Ss Screenshot of web ✔️ Url Gets url of media ✔️ Trt Translates messages ✔️ Mp3 Video to mp3 ✔️ Txt Image to text ✔️ Afk Away from keyboard ✔️ Cut Cuts mp3 ✔️ Pdf Images to pdf ✔️ Mp4 Sticker to video ✔️ Take Change sticker pack info ✔️ Wiki Wikipedia search ✔️ Meme Text on photos ✔️ Trim Trims video ✔️ Find It finds song ✔️ Attp Coloured text sticker ✔️ Alive To check alive or not ✔️ Whois Group or individual data ✔️ Movie Shows Movie Info ✔️ Merge It merge a videos ✔️ Voice Voice to mp3 ✔️ Topdf Documnet ot pdf ✔️ Emoji Emoji to sticker ✔️ Lydia Auto AI chat ✔️ Sticker Photo/video to sticker ✔️ Reverse Reverse audio/video ✔️ Unvoice Audio to voices ✔️ Wasted Wasted logo ✔️ Trigged Triggered effect ✔️ Forward Forwarding msg using jid ✔️ Compress Compresses video ✔️ Google Google reverse image search ✔️ Upload Download from Url ✔️ Weather Shows weather ✔️ Getjids Gets jids of chats ✔️ Removebg Removes background ✔️ Setabout Sets bio ✔️ Setstatus Sets status ✔️ Pitch/low/bass Audio effects ✔️ Histo/vector/aves Audio to video ✔️ Block/unblock Blocks/unblocks members ✔️ Broadcast Custom Broadcasting Messages

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