Forsta Live Chat

by ForstaLabs


Forsta Live Chat Bot

This repository is built from Forsta's end-to-end-encrypted messaging bot template. The Forsta messaging-bot provides for for autonomous receipt, processing, storage, and transmission of messaging data in conjunction with the Forsta web messenger and iPhone/Android apps. Please fork it or one of our several projects based off of it!

The live chat bot provides an easy way to configure a question set whose terminal questions send a connection request to a specified user or group of users. Once a terminal question is reached, the user can request a connection to a live chat operator. The request will be in the form of a librelay message with a "Connect" button and a complete history of the chat so far. Once the live chat operator clicks "Connect" they will be added to the existing thread so they can talk to the user.

The bot also records all incoming/outgoing messages for debugging purposes.

Quick Start


Install Requirements

Running Locally

git clone
cd live-chat-bot
export USER=postgres
make docker-db-run
make run


Once running, the default port and listening address are If you are running locally you can access the web interface by opening http://localhost:4096.

You can change the listening address by setting LISTEN_ADDR to a valid host address for your server, E.g. something like localhost or to only accept local connections.

The default listening port can be changed by setting PORT to any valid numeric port, e.g. 8000.

Storage is managed through Forsta librelay which currently supports local filesystem and Redis. For more information about setting up custom storage see:


Licensed under the GPLv3:

  • Copyright 2015-2016 Open Whisper Systems
  • Copyright 2017-2018 Forsta Inc.