Creative Bots

by fourtonfish


Creative bots


This is a template for making creative online bots with Glitch. This project requires a paid subscription.

A quick tutorial

  1. Create accounts for all of your bots. Currently supported networks:
  1. Update the .env file with your Twitter API keys/secrets.
  2. All bots are automatically loaded from the bots folder. Update an existing bot, or add your own.

Each bot file needs to export an object with the following information:

  active: true,
  name: 'A basic bot',
  description: 'Just a very basic bot!',
  interval: cronSchedules.EVERY_THREE_HOURS,
  script: function(){
    /* This is your bot's main code. */

You can change active to false to prevent a bot from being scheduled. For interval you can either use one of the values inside helpers/cron-schedules.js, or you can use a custom cron schedule -- see the cron package documentation for more details.

Check out stefans-creative-bots project for an example remix of this project.

Make sure your bot follows rules of the networks it's posting on and is overall not a jerk. Visit Botwiki for tutorials and open source bots and remember to join Botmakers and submit your bot to Botwiki :-)

Support Botwiki/Botmakers


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