Telegram Open User Bot

by fr7zzy


Project OpenUserBot

A modular Telegram userbot running on Python 3.8+ with an sqlalchemy database.

Based on RaphielGang's Paperplane Telegram userbot...

...or rather, it's Paperplane + insane extras from the community.

How To Host | Updates and Support | Credits | License


How To Host

The easiest way to deploy this derpfest! is click on the Mina image below, she is beautiful.

Deploy to Heroku



Huge thanks to everyone who have helped make this userbot awesome!!

A BIG thanks to Dev Patel who have helped make this userbot ON AGAIN with his HUGE FIX!!


Updates and Support

Join our Telegram Channel for update notifications!

Also join our Telegram Support Group for help and support!



Raphielscape Public License - Version 1.c, June 2019