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#include <std/disclaimer.h>
    Your Telegram account may get banned.
    I am not responsible for any improper use of this bot
    This bot is intended for the purpose of having fun with memes,
    as well as efficiently managing groups.
    You ended up spamming groups, getting reported left and right,
    and you ended up in a Finale Battle with Telegram and at the end
    Telegram Team deleted your account?
    And after that, then you pointed your fingers at us
    for getting your acoount deleted?
    I will be rolling on the floor laughing at you.


First of all you should know this bot is a major work in progress. It is a fork of Paperplane Extended

Generate String Session

Easy way to get STRING_SESSION. Run on


Heroku Deploy



You can also find credits in certain files if you miss any credit contact me in Telegram


Licensed under Raphielscape Public License - Version 1.d, February 2020