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Restart heroku dyno on Error

There are schneems/puma_auto_tune or schneems/puma_worker_killer, but they does not work as intended on Heroku. (See https://github.com/schneems/get_process_mem/issues/7.)

So, We need another approach (for now).


Heroku: R14 Error - Memory quota exceeded log

Papertrail | Add-ons | Heroku and send alert via webhook

heroku-dyno-restarter (this repo)

Restart web dyno via api (heroku ps:restart web.x)


Heroku Button

Press this button to deploy this app using your heroku account:


You will be asked to fill in a name for the app. Something like "my-company-dyno-restarter".

You will also be asked for your heroku api key. You can get this key here: https://dashboard.heroku.com/account#api-key

Papertrail alert and webhook

After deploy by Heroku button above, fetch your heroku-dyno-restarter app's token.

heroku config:get APP_API_TOKEN -a <your heroku-dyno-restarter app name>
  1. Remember the token.
  2. Set your papertrail's alert for your target app.
  3. Set webhook URL: https://.herokuapp.com/webhook?token=<APP_API_TOKEN>

papertrail's webhook


Heroku Dyno Restarter will try to guess your app's name based on the papertrail alert. To override this guess, you can set SOURCE_APP_NAME:

heroku config:set SOURCE_APP_NAME=my-company-app -a <your heroku-dyno-restarter app name>


bundle exec rake