Electron Motors Website

by gabesumner

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Electron Motors Website

This website showcases how Heroku Connect can be used to easily integrate a public-facing website with Salesforce.

Setup Instructions

  1. Click this button -> Deploy to Heroku

  2. Login to Heroku (if you don't already have a Heroku account then sign up for one), then click the Deploy App button.

  3. After the app is successfully deployed, click the Manage App button.

  4. Click Heroku Connect (this will open in a new tab).

  5. Click Setup Connection.

  6. Click Next.

  7. Change the Environment to Sandbox and click Authorize.

  8. Login using your Electron Motors Salesforce demo org credentials - instructions.

  9. Click Allow.

  10. Click Settings and Import/Export Configuration.

  11. Click Import.

  12. Click Choose File, upload this file, and click Upload.

  13. Return to your new Heroku app tab (from step 4).

  14. Click Open app.

  15. Inside Salesforce, click Accounts, click any Account, and copy & paste the Username.

  16. Click Login on the Electron Motors website and paste the username from step 15 (password doesn't matter).

  17. Click Login.

  18. Click Customize and customize the vehicle and purchase.

  19. Return to the Account in Salesforce, reload the record, click into the Vehicle. Changes will be synced.

  20. Strut confidently around the room.