Salesforce HR Demo

by gabesumner


Setup Instructions

  1. Login to your Salesforce Org using a System Administrator account or create a new Salesforce org.

  2. If not already enabled, enable the Lightning Experience using the link found in the Setup section.

  3. Install the HR Demo package in your Salesforce org. (Install for All Users)

  4. Download the following CSV files and import, in the prescribed order, into your Salesforce org. using

  5. Go to Administer > Manage Users > Profiles, click the System Administrator link (typically on the second page), scroll down and click New in the Login IP Ranges section: Enter for the Start IP Address and for the End IP Address. Click Save.

  6. Click this Deploy to Heroku button to clone this Heroku project. If you do not already have a Heroku account then sign up for a new free Heroku account, otherwise click Log In to use your existing account.

  7. Give your new app a name (this name will become part of the URL, example Then use the SALESFORCE_USERNAME and SALESFORCE_PASSWORD Config Variables to enter the login credentials for your Salesforce Org (the same credentials used in Step 1).

  8. Optionally, set the COMPANY_NAME and COMPANY_LOGO (ideally the company logo should have a transparent background and be 40 pixels in height).

  9. Click the Deploy for Free button, wait for the deployment process to finish, then click Manage App.

  10. Click Heroku Connect then click Setup Connection to connect Heroku to your Salesforce Org. Click Next then select Production and click Authorize. Login to your Salesforce Org and authorize Heroku Connect to access your org's data.

  11. Check the Streaming API checkbox and click the Save button.

  12. Click the Create Mapping then select (or search for) HR_Job_Requisition__c. Select the following fields:

    • CreatedDate
    • HR_Description__c
    • HR_Location__c
    • HR_Status__c
    • Name
  13. You're finished and can now access your website using the URL: (Replace "your-app-name" with your app name. If you don't know your app name then go to and look at your Dashboard.)