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Heroku app to redeploy Heroku apps


This is a small Node.js app that can receive webhooks, and redeploy Heroku apps in response.

If you have a static site connected to a CMS, or another external data source, you can use this to trigger new Heroku builds on your apps. Heroku's Platform API doesn't have a simple way to redeploy an app using the same code and environment, which is why you might need to use a service like this.




Deploy this repository to Heroku, or whatever cloud service you like. Set these two env variables:


API_KEY is a Heroku API key. It needs to have permission to deploy all of the apps you configure.

ENV_LIST is a query string with what apps you want to deploy. The key is a nickname for the app, like dev, staging, or production. The value is the name of the Heroku app.


A basic webhook looks like this:

POST https://xxx.herokuapp.com/deploy?apps=staging

You can deploy multiple apps at once by separating them with commas:

POST https://xxx.herokuapp.com/deploy?apps=staging,production

You can also add a source parameter that tells the deployer where the webhook is coming from. This information will be added to the release description in Heroku, to give more context.

POST https://xxx.herokuapp.com/deploy?apps=staging,production&source=Contentful

The endpoint returns a JSON response with an array of apps that were targeted for redeployment. Note that ok: true only means that a new release was created—it doesn't mean it was successfully built.

    "id": "staging",
    "app": "appname-staging",
    "ok": true,
    "version": 123
    "id": "production",
    "app": "appname-production",
    "ok": false,
    "error": "..."


If you want, you can require an authentication key to redeploy an app. In your app's environment, add the PASSWORD variable:


Then, in your requests, you can include the password in the URL with the access_token parameter:

POST https://xxx.herokuapp.com/deploy?apps=staging&access_token=swordfish

Or, you can include it in the Authorization header:

POST https://xxx.herokuapp.com/deploy?apps=staging
Authorization: Bearer swordfish

Local Development

git clone https://github.com/gakimballl/heroku-redeploy
cd heroku-redeploy
npm install
npm test


MIT © Geoff Kimball