by geek1011

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An easy way to run a noVNC instance and proxy with a single binary.


  • Clean start page.
  • CIDR whitelist/blacklist.
  • Optionally allow connections to arbitrary hosts (and ports).
  • Ensures the target port is a VNC server to prevent tunneling to unauthorized ports.
  • Can be configured using environment variables or command line flags (but works out-of-the box).
  • IPv6 support.
  • Single binary, no dependencies.
  • Easy setup.
  • Optional client for local TCP connections tunneled through WebSockets.


  • Binaries for the latest commit can be downloaded here.
  • It can also be deployed to Heroku.
  • A Docker image is available: geek1011/easy-novnc:latest.
  • You can build your own binaries with go 1.13 or newer using go get github.com/pgaskin/easy-novnc or by cloning this repo and running go build.


Usage: easy-novnc [options]

  -a, --addr string              The address to listen on (env NOVNC_ADDR) (default ":8080")
  -H, --arbitrary-hosts          Allow connection to other hosts (env NOVNC_ARBITRARY_HOSTS)
  -P, --arbitrary-ports          Allow connections to arbitrary ports (requires arbitrary-hosts) (env NOVNC_ARBITRARY_PORTS)
  -u, --basic-ui                 Hide connection options from the main screen (env NOVNC_BASIC_UI)
  -C, --cidr-blacklist strings   CIDR blacklist for when arbitrary hosts are enabled (comma separated) (conflicts with whitelist) (env NOVNC_CIDR_BLACKLIST)
  -c, --cidr-whitelist strings   CIDR whitelist for when arbitrary hosts are enabled (comma separated) (conflicts with blacklist) (env NOVNC_CIDR_WHITELIST)
      --default-view-only        Use view-only by default (env NOVNC_DEFAULT_VIEW_ONLY)
      --help                     Show this help text
  -h, --host string              The host/ip to connect to by default (env NOVNC_HOST) (default "localhost")
      --no-url-password          Do not allow password in URL params (env NOVNC_NO_URL_PASSWORD)
  -p, --port uint16              The port to connect to by default (env NOVNC_PORT) (default 5900)
  -v, --verbose                  Show extra log info (env NOVNC_VERBOSE)