Sample Geodesign Micro Service

by geodesignhub



A example geodesign Impacts service that can be linked to Geodesign Hub. Once deployed on Heroku or similar services, it will seamlessly interoprate with Geodesign Hub. Geodesign Hub will send geometry information to the service and the service sends back impacts information to be displayed at the time of design.

This is a Python Flask service and also provides basic service authentication. It also has a Heroku geo enabled buildpack along with SciPy and Python stack. It may be used if you plan to use Shapely, Rasterio or Fiona or other Python libraries.

To create and deploy your own geodesign service

  1. Fork this repository.
  2. Modify to have your own Geodesign Hub account credentials. You can get your Geodesign Hub API key here and you must be a participant to the project that this service submits data to.
  3. Review the post method in, and modify accordingly with your code.
  4. Update requirements.txt and .buildpacks to add the appropriate libraries and build dependencies.
  5. Deploy to Heroku.


In case you plan to use the buildpacks use the command below on Heroku to trigger multiple buildpacks

heroku buildpacks:set