Heroku IFTTT

by gesteves

GitHub Readme.md

Heroku-IFTTT deploy hook

Use IFTTT as a Heroku deploy hook.


First, go to the Maker channel on IFTTT and connect it.

Then, push this button Deploy to create a new Heroku app.

Finally, go to any other Heroku app for which you wish to notify IFTTT when they're deployed, and add an HTTP deploy hook pointing to https://[URL]/ifttt/[your Maker secret key], where [URL] is the URL of the Heroku app you just created, and your Maker key is the one you can get from the Maker channel, like so:

heroku addons:add deployhooks:http --url=https://your-ifttt-heroku-app.herokuapp.com/ifttt/abc_123_whatever

IFTTT will get notified whenever the app is deployed, which you can use as a trigger when setting up IFTTT recipes. When creating a new recipe, use heroku_deploy as the event name. value1 is the notification text and value2 is the URL of the app; you can use these values in the action channel, like this: