Stream Example App

by GetStream


Stream Example App

This example Node.js app shows you how you can use to built a site similar to Pinterest.



npm install


You'll need a mongodb instance running in the background.

Example using Homebrew on MacOS

brew install mongodb
mkdir data
mongod --dbpath=./data

Or set up the URI to a remote one by modifying config/config.js.

Load initial data

The app needs some initial data in order to function correctly. Run this script to load it:



npm start

Using GitHub to Sign/Log in

Initially, the app starts with the authentication user mocked, if you want to sign in and out using your GitHub account, you'll need to set up a GitHub app and modify config/config.js to use your app's client credentials.

You will also need to comment out in app.js, the middleware that mocks the authentication process like so:

// app.use(passport_mock.initialize());