Stream example ruby app

by GetStream


Stream Example App

This example app shows you how you can use to build a site similar to Pinterest.

If you have no idea what GetStream is: GetStream is an hosted API service that allows you to build activity feeds. It makes it very easy to build user activity feeds, public feeds, aggregated feeds and notification feeds. GetStream provides API clients in several language, in this example app we show how easy is to create a website with activity feeds using Rails and stream_rails.

The application is built using Rails 5; and stream_rails the best way to try this application is via Heroku; you can deploy this example (for free) on Heroku by pressing the Deploy button below.


If you prefer to run this locally then make sure to generate the API keys on and update the settings in config/initializers/stream_rails.rb

More informations and code samples are available in stream_rails documentation and in documentation pages.