HockeyApp to HipChat Notifier

by ginovva320


HockeyApp To HipChat Deploy

hockeyApp-to-hipchat is a webhook receiver that will post messages to your HipChat instance. HockeyApp supports sending the following types of events to webhooks:

  • New Release
  • New Crash Group
  • New Feedback


Get Your HipChat Parameters

In order to use this integration, you need a HipChat API notification key and the room name or id to post messages to. You can obtain an API key by logging into HipChat.

Deploy to Heroku

Click on the Heroku button above and fill out the form!

Create the Webhook

  1. Click on your app on the HockeyApp dashboard.
  2. Click on Manage App > Webhooks.
  3. Click on Create Webook.
  4. Enter a name and the URL of your Heroku app e.g.

You can test the integration by pinging the webhook from HockeyApp. This should post a message to your HipChat room. If it does not, check your Heroku logs for potential errors.