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Nuts is a simple (and smart) application to serve desktop-application releases.


It uses GitHub as a backend to store assets, and it can easily be deployed to Heroku as a stateless service. It supports GitHub private repositories (useful to store releases of a closed-source application available on GitHub).



  • ✨ Store assets on GitHub releases
  • ✨ Proxy releases from private repositories to your users
  • ✨ Simple but powerful download urls
    • /download/latest
    • /download/latest/:os
    • /download/:version
    • /download/:version/:os
    • /download/channel/:channel
    • /download/channel/:channel/:os
  • ✨ Support pre-release channels (beta, alpha, ...)
  • ✨ Auto-updates with Squirrel
    • For Mac using /update?version=<x.x.x>&platform=osx
    • For Windows using Squirrel.Windows and Nugets packages
  • ✨ Private API
  • ✨ Use it as a middleware: add custom analytics, authentication
  • ✨ Serve the perfect type of assets: .zip for Squirrel.Mac, .nupkg for Squirrel.Windows, .dmg for Mac users, ...
  • ✨ Release notes endpoint
    • /notes/:version
  • ✨ Up-to-date releases (GitHub webhooks)
  • ✨ Atom/RSS feeds for versions/channels

Deploy it / Start it

Follow our guide to deploy Nuts.

Auto-updater / Squirrel

This server provides an endpoint for Squirrel auto-updater, it supports both OS X and Windows.


Check out the documentation for more details.