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An automation to enable habit tracking in todoist.

It integrates Seinfield's "Don't Break the Chain" method into todoist. Once it's setup, you can forget about it and it works seamlessly.


Habitist Screenshot

  1. You add habits you want to form as task on todoist with schedule every day

  2. Add [day 0] to the task

  3. When you complete the task, the [day 0] will become [day 1]

  4. If you fail to complete the task and it becomes overdue, the script will schedule it to today and reset [day X] to [day 0].


  1. Fork and clone the repo

    git clone https://github.com/yourgithubusername/habitist
  2. Create a heroku app.

    heroku create appname
  3. Set environment variable with your todost API key. You'll find API key under Settings > Integrations on todoist.com.

  4. Push the app

    git push heroku master
  5. Find your timezone difference from UTC. We need to trigger this API when it's 12:00 AM in UTC. You need to find the local time when it's 12:00 AM in UTC.
    For example, Nepal is 5:45 hrs ahead of UTC. For 12:00AM in UTC, we have 5:45AM here. So, we need to trigger this API anytime after 5:45AM. Do the same calculation for your timezone and set that time in step 6.

  6. On IFTTT, create a new applet.

    • On THIS, select datetime > 'Every Day At' > Time from step 5
    • On THAT, select Webhooks > Make a web request
    • Set URL to your heroku app URL
    • Set METHOD to GET
    • Hit Create Action



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details