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Grape & Grape::OAuth2 sample application

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This is an example of using Grape::OAuth2 gem with the Grape API project.

This app is ready to deploy to Heroku Deploy.

Project stack includes: Grape, Grape::OAuth2, Grape::Entity, ActiveRecord 5, Puma, PostgreSQL, Dotenv, Rack::Cors, Rubocop, RSpec.

Supported Ruby: 2.2 — 2.4

Implemented features

  • API endpoints with different types of requests (GET, POST);
  • API versioning
  • Resource Owner password credentials authentication;
  • Protected endpoints access with OAuth Tokens;
  • Generate new Access Token via Refresh Token.


To run the application do the following from your command-line:

bundle exec rackup

Available API:

  GET  |  /api(.json)                     |      |  Root action   
 POST  |  /api/oauth/authorize(.json)     |      |  OAuth 2.0 Authorization Endpoint                       
 POST  |  /api/oauth/token(.json)         |      |  OAuth 2.0 Token Endpoint                               
 POST  |  /api/oauth/revoke(.json)        |      |  OAuth 2.0 Token Revocation      
  GET  |  /api/:version/me(.json)         |  v1  |  Information about current resource owner
  GET  |  /api/:version/posts(.json)      |  v1  |  Get all the posts without authorization                
  GET  |  /api/:version/posts/:id(.json)  |  v1  |  Read post by ID only if it belongs to authorized author
 POST  |  /api/:version/posts(.json)      |  v1  |  Create post from authorized user                       


To print all the API routes you can run a special Rake task:

bundle exec rake grape:routes