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What is QARoR?

It's another Questions & Answers platform for Ruby on Rails

If existing opensource QA clones scares you, try use this. It`s created in Ruby on Rails of most common gems and clean solutions. No need complicated external libraries. It`s saves time and help to quickly start talk with your community. And yes I agree, it needs some finishing touches.

Live demo

Why you must try QARoR?

Because it`s:

  • develop in Rails fashion
  • using common gems
  • easy to develop thanks Ruby on Rails
  • easy to deploy

Install on Heroku (


Install manually on Heroku

Before installation:

Type in console:

    $ git clone
    $ cd ./qaror
    $ bundle install
    $ git init
    $ git add .
    $ git commit -m "init qaror app"
    $ heroku apps:create your-qaror-app-name
    $ git push heroku master
    $ heroku run rake db:migrate
    $ heroku run rake db:seed

Default QARoR installation is adapted to this Heroku Addons:

    $ heroku addons:add mailgun:starter
    $ heroku addons:add memcachier:dev

If something goes wrong with addons


Code Climate

This project was implemented at StartX Stanford Accelerator

Feel free to contribute the project


  • upgrade to Rails 4
  • more documentation and code refactoring
  • tests
  • rebuild UI with AngularJS and Bootstrap (not decide yet)
  • AngularJS based WYSIWYG


The MIT License - Copyright (c) 2014 Mateusz Dw