Forsta Vault

by gregperk


Forsta Vault

Decentralized data retention application for the Forsta messaging platform.

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Forsta Vault is a Node.js application that leverages end-to-end encryption for collection of your organization's messages and data. Your data lives with the provider of your choice, be it a cloud provider or a server inside your own data center.

Your data lives where it belongs - with you.

Quick Start

These deployment buttons can be used to validate that Forsta Vault will meet your organizations needs with as little setup pain as possible. For some organizations they may also be perfectly sufficient for your data retention needs.

Deploy Deploy to Docker Cloud

Install Requirements

  • Node.js 8 (or newer)
  • Ruby
    • sass (gem install sass)


You can choose from our official docker image or NPM package depending on your preference.


docker run -p4096:4096 forstalabs/vault

Or to run a stack using docker-compose that includes redis for storage...

docker-compose up


npm install -g forsta-vault

Developer Install

If you want to build upon Vault or just get closer to the code you can install and run directly from the source code.

git clone
cd vault
npm install
npm start


Once running, the default port and listening address are If you are running locally you can access the web interface by opening http://localhost:4096.

You can change the listening address by setting LISTEN_ADDR to a valid host address for your server, E.g. something like localhost or to only accept local connections.

The default listening port can be changed by setting PORT to any valid numeric port, e.g. 8000.

Storage is managed through Forsta librelay which currently supports local filesystem and Redis. For more information about setting up custom storage see:


Licensed under the GPLv3:

  • Copyright 2015-2016 Open Whisper Systems
  • Copyright 2017 Forsta Inc.