Discord Bot: Throw Voice

by guacamoledragon

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A voice channel recording bot for Discord.

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Command Description !alerts [on | off] Turns on/off direct message alerts for when you are being recorded in a voice channel (on by default) !alias [command name] [new command alias] Creates an alias, or alternate name, to a command for customization. !autojoin [Voice Channel name | 'all'] [number | 'off'] Sets the number of players for the bot to auto-join a voice channel, or disables auto-joining. 'all' will apply number to all voice channels. !autoleave [Voice Channel name | 'all'] [number] Sets the number of players for the bot to auto-leave a voice channel, or disables auto-leaving. 'all' will apply number to all voice channels. !autosave Toggles the option to automatically save and send all files at the end of each session - not just saved or clipped files !clip [seconds] | !clip [seconds] [text channel output] Saves a clip of the specified length and outputs it in the current or specified text channel (max 120 seconds) !echo [seconds] Echos back the input number of seconds of the recording into the voice channel (max 120 seconds) !join Aliases: record. Force the bot to join and record your current channel !leave Aliases: stop. Force the bot to leave it's current channel !miab [seconds] [voice channel] Echos back the input number of seconds of the recording into the voice channel specified and then rejoins original channel (max 120 seconds) !prefix [character] Aliases: symbol. Sets the prefix for each command to avoid conflict with other bots (Default is '!') !removeAlias [alias name] Removes an alias from a command. !save | !save [text channel output] Saves the current recording and outputs it to the current or specified text chats (caps at 16MB) !saveLocation | !saveLocation [text channel name] Sets the text channel of message or the text channel specified as the default location to send files !volume [1-100] Sets the percentage volume to record at, from 1-100%

Replace brackets [] with item specified. Vertical bar | means 'or', either side of bar is valid choice.


Local (or VPS)

The main motivation for forking the project was to allow any Discord Guild owner to be able to host their own instance of this bot. In order to be able to do that, a bit of configuration is necessary.

  • Create a Discord Application. You'll need to have both the Client ID and App Bot User's Token available to configure the bot.

  • Download the latest release of the bot, you're looking for throw-voice-<version>.jar.

  • Install Java 9

  • Set the following environment variables:

    • PORT: Port on which the bot will run it's HTTP server on, strictly speaking not necessary, but it's convenient.
    • CLIENT_ID: Your Discord App Client ID
    • BOT_TOKEN: Your Discord App's App Bot User Token (what a mouthful!)
  • Start the bot by running:

    • java -jar throw-voice-<version>.jar
  • Navigate to http://localhost:<PORT> to add the bot to your Guild.


Note: If you're deploying on your own VPS, then you'll need a bit more setup as you may be using NGINX or Apache.


If Docker is your jam, then you can start the bot using:

docker run -it -e PORT=8080 -e CLIENT_ID=... -e BOT_TOKEN=... -p 8080:8080 gdragon/throw-voice

Replace CLIENT_ID and BOT_TOKEN with your correct values. The port isn't fixed, it can be anything you'd like.

See the Docker Hub registry for more details on the container.

Heroku Button Currently not working, see #17

You can deploy on Heroku by clicking on the button below and entering the CLIENT_ID and BOT_TOKEN.


If using the Hobby tier on Heroku, one big caveat is that the Heroku Dyno will sleep after 30 minutes of inactivity. This will also make your bot go to sleep and will not respond to any of your commands. To make waking up a bit easier, I've added an endpoint /ping that should respond with pong when the Dyno wakes up.

Simply, visit https://<heroku-app-name>.herokuapp.com/ping to wake the bot before you start issuing commands.