Algolia App Store

by GuiBon


AppStore bootstrapped app

This application is a small bootstraped app to remove the burden of creating a Rails + React application.

This repo uses Rails 4 with react_on_rails. The generated code was bit modified to simplify things and activate live-reloading.


In order to have a live server to check out the end result, we've set-up this repository to be installable through this one-click button:


This comes in handy for multiple reasons:

  • You directly have a git repo
  • You can deploy for free your code
  • It will automatically set up a small database
  • Once initialized, deploying is as easy as git push heroku master, it automatically handles initialization, dependencies downloads, etc.

However, you can definitely decide to host it somewhere else if you'd like!

Note: Locally, we're using sqlite. Heroku has no file persistence, so we're using postgresql in production.



  • ruby 2.3.1
  • nodejs (Tested with node v6 and v7)
  • foreman: gem install foreman


  • bundle
  • npm install or yarn
  • bundle exec rake db:create

Run with hot reloading: foreman start -f

Run without hot reloading: foreman start -f Procfile.static

Repo architecture

This is a usual Rails app with a new client/ folder which holds webpack and React components.
Most of your code should simply fit in:

  • app/controllers
  • app/views
  • client/app/components