by hadikcz


Last survivor

Ludum Dare 39

This game was develop only for 48 hours into game jam Ludum Dare (compo)


Image of game

About game:

My third LD entry. Your task is simple, survive as long as possible. But environment in this game is'nt much friendly. You must eat for hinder hunger, heat yourself for prevent freeze in cold night, and lastly defend yourself before zombies, who are wake up at night. Peace time (day) is limited, every day you must prepare for night, make some supplies for next deadly night.

Out of time

(48 hour is not much, but I not want submit in JAM):

  • More sounds (footsteps, zombie hit, zombie dead, player hit, campfire)
  • Whole tutorial "room"
  • More environment props (trunks, stones, flowers)
  • Thirst state, player must drink from well
  • Better balancing (item price, item damage, zombie wave and damage)

How to play ?

    1. You must watch your stats (power), if your heat or hunger go under 0, you will start dying.
    1. Day have 2 minutes, and every night (60 seconds), will come zombies in wave, there are also cold so you need warm with campfire and fight with zombies.
    1. For better weapons and tools you must mine stone and wood
    1. For decrease hunger, you need pick food from bushes and eat it
    1. Every tool and weapon can be upgraded, but you can carry only one so you must switch between them by click on specific item (not just buy it)


Pickaxe: Basic tool for quicker mine wood and stone, it can't be use for attack, you will attack as free hand.

Knife: First attack weapon, power is poor, but you can survive few nights only with this knife.

Sword: Advanced weapon for mid game, without upgraded sword, you can't survive for more then 5 days.

Battle axe: This weapon looks so cool, and it's also very powerfull, fully upgraded battle axe will destroy every zombie wave.




Running with Docker

If you have Docker installed, after cloning the repository you can run the following commands to start the server and make it acessible at http://localhost:3000:

sudo git clone &&
cd LudumDare39_Last_survivor &&
docker build -t ld39hadik .
docker run -it -p 3000:3000 ld39hadik

Deploy to Heroku