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LINE BotTemplate: A simple Golang LINE Bot Template for LINE Bot API

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Installation and Usage

1. Got A LINE Bot API devloper account

  • Make sure you already registered on LINE developer console, if you need use LINE Bot.

  • Create new Messaging Channel

  • Get Channel Secret on "Basic Setting" tab.

  • Issue Channel Access Token on "Messaging API" tab.

  • Open LINE OA manager from "Basic Setting" tab.

  • Go to Reply setting on OA manager, enable "webhook"

2. Just Deploy this on Heroku


  • Input Channel Secret and Channel Access Token.
  • Remember your heroku, ID.

3. Go to LINE Bot Dashboard, setup basic API

  • Setup your basic account information. Here is some info you will need to know.
  • Callback URL: https://{YOUR_HEROKU_SERVER_ID}

It all done.

Video Tutorial:

Chinese Tutorial:


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