by harik4906

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Pluggable asyncio Telegram userbot based on Telethon.


The Easy Way


The Legacy Way

Simply clone the repository and run the main file:

git clone https://github.com/uniborg/uniborg.git
cd uniborg
python stdborg.py


The modular design of the project enhances your Telegram experience through plugins which you can enable or disable on demand.

Each plugin gets the borg, logger and storage magical variables to ease their use. Thus creating a plugin as easy as adding a new file under the plugin directory to do the job:

# stdplugins/myplugin.py
from telethon import events

async def handler(event):
    await event.reply('hey')


The core features offered by the custom TelegramClient live under the uniborg/ directory, with some utilities, enhancements and the core plugin.


Check out the already-mentioned plugins directory to learn how to write your own, and consider reading Telethon's documentation.