Messenger bot boilerplate

by henricazottes


🤖💬 messenger-bot-boilerplate

A simple messenger bot boilerplate.

📝 Prerequisites

You need a messenger app and a page linked to it in order to have your bot running. Go create one here:

Then you'll need to generate an PAGE_ACCESS_TOKEN that you will use afterward.

📥 Install

For both methods:

  • Fill the PAGE_ACCESS_TOKEN with the previously generated one
  • Enter a custom VERIFY_TOKEN and use the same in your messenger app webhooks configuration



Simple 👌.

Clone repo

First clone the project:

git clone

Rename the ._env file:

cd messenger-bot-boilerplate
mv ._env .env

Install dependencies:

npm install

Start ang enjoy ! 😁

npm start


I used template massages from this repo