by HernanPaez

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An Xcode 9 App Icon Set Generator

This is a Python Web App made with Flask and Pillow , you can check this out at hernanpaez.com/iconresizer


I've been using a lot of third party icon generators for my iOS projects but many of them are expensive apps or webpages that require you to open an account and/or provide an email address. Therefore, most of this apps doesn't work nice with Xcode 9 and generates icons sets with missing icon sizes.

Deploy to Heroku


Run it locally

  1. Clone this project:
$ git clone https://github.com/HernanPaez/Icon-Maker.git
  1. cd inside the project folder:
$ cd Icon-Maker
  1. Create a virtualenv:
$ virtualenv .
  1. Execute the virtualenv:
$ . bin/activate
  1. Install requirements:
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
  1. Run it:
$ python app/app.py
  1. Open you browser and navigate to localhost:8000

Bugs, issues, suggestions etc.

Please report any issues, bugs, suggestions, feedback, etc. to the issue tracker of this project.